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Description of Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is the best-kept secret in music, giving you free access to highly curated music programming that you simply won’t find anywhere else—and you can customize it to fit your distinct tastes. Plus, Slacker provides more than the power to download and listen to your favorite stations. Our patented offline mode gives subscribers dynamic personalization while listening data-free.

• Free access to the music you love

• Hundreds of interactive and hand-crafted music stations

• Exclusive hosted music shows every week

• The power to create and share your own custom music stations

• Available on mobile, web, home and car platforms

• Unique interactive news and sports programming

• On-demand access to millions of songs with subscription

• Offline playback on mobile available with subscription

If you’re still wondering why you should download this app, here’s the answer: Slacker gets you. The very fact that you’ve found us indicates that you’re looking for something different. You could have just opted for a bigger brand, but you took the time to dig deeper…and that’s why we’re perfect for each other.

You’re going to find what you’re looking for because we’re different. Like you.

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Dale Hunter 1 year ago

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this has the potential to be a great app, but, it's too complicated. there are no tutorials that actually match the app on my phone. Maybe they are for older versions. half the time I can't find a menu that I used yesterday and there are buttons such as the heart that turns read when you click it during a song, but, what does it do? is it a favorites button? If so, how do you access what you have favorited. they put in so many features, but, don't tell you what they are or how to use them.

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Heather Testa 3 years ago

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I love it I listen to it all day

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Quetzalli zarate 3 years ago

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love slacker😄

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emilyroxanna 4 years ago

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it's so cool, all of the different stations genres, songs, and artists this application has. not to mention it's simple, and easy to use... I love this application! :)

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Heather Kelley Carducci Fletcher 4 years ago

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Fantastic app. Lovin it!

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acastro 4 years ago

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simple the best"

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APK Version 7.19.2
Compatibility Android 4.1.x+ (Jelly Bean)
Developer Slacker Inc.
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